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Table is set...The ladies are first to arrive... oh wait!I trade this boat for that fire-engineYou are like so totally missing that spot!Wah... where did you get that bling?This goes here...So what am I looking at here?Look it was really cheap at Costco OK. Don't believe ah?Apparently Strawberries and grapes do mix well.What's Italian for "Tim choong choong..."?Don't they have something for 3+ ages?What you telling me these toys are not good enough?This was soooo good.Alan's here! Quick get your plates!!!Why are all these people staring at me? Mom what are you doing?Someone's been using the Crest Whitestrips apparently.5 Kuei's + 2 Cakes = 1 Happy Uncle AlexRight. Let the 2nd AGM commence.Not having any bail-out money is serious! Therefore cutbacks are needed.This bear will have to go as a result.