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Aug. 22, 2010.
From Pitt Meadows across GEB, looped around Allard, detoured into Derby Reach trail and into Ft. Langley.

Google estimates ~ 35km. Mostly flat terrain.
Gershon's first climb. It's mostly flat.Hey where is everyone?!Those are my berries!Oh yeah...anti-oxidants.OK OK...We're actually out on berry picking.Never wear sunglasses when taking self-photo. FAIL!30 Minutes later...Arrival at Derby Reach ParkWe made it! It's only half-way boyz!Catch me if you can guys!Dude! You missed the turn off!WARNING. This is the result of eating too much wild berriesArrived at Fort Langley. The real Fort that is.Into the town we go!See that Lego set?